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Why Crosscars Battersea Cabs?

If you are searching for Battersea Cabs, then your option must be We are the best Battersea minicabs whose drivers are familiar with the roads and the traffic rules of this region and we have been serving here for the past many years. Our whole process of serving in this region is, in fact, based on all the rules and regulations. We think highly of them and that is why devise strategies to make amendments in our approach that could align our services with the regulations.

Apart from this, having knowledgeable drivers and top-notch cars is also a part of our approach. We've succeeded over the rest of the players in the market because of our seriousness in making this Battersea cabs industry a better place for customers or riders like you.

All of what we do has only one center – you, the customer. We bring about changes in our system daily to match your demands so that you can have a memorable time riding our Battersea Cabs no matter where you're going to London.

We have a certain nag for caring only for you. Whether it is stipulated norms that could help us train our drivers or it is regulating our code of conduct, we always have thought of you. This is why we're able to stay relevant in the industry even now and we're doing great in terms of not only as a cab company but also as responsible citizens of this land.


Battersea Minicabs?

Our services are varied depending upon the needs of our customers. We have numerous services that can cover these needs of yours. So, when you're in Battersea and you're looking for Battersea minicabs that could precisely meet your requirement not only in terms of providing you the service of transportation but also of the value-added services that we offer. Those include rendering you the comfort of luxury you're after and also making arrangements for making your journey without any hassle.

Please read on to know what we offer.

  • Seaport transport:

We are pioneers in transporting you from the top known seaports of the UK including, but not limited to Dover, Southampton, Harwich and Southampton, and all the ports out there in the country. We have particular cars for this, and therefore, you'd have no problem whatsoever in being transported to your destination in style.

  • Wedding services:

Ever wondered how a Battersea minicab service could also offer cars for a wedding? Well, while others are averse to this idea, we supply luxury cars to everyone who wishes to make their wedding journey the most memorable one. We have cars like Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Mercedes S Class in our fleet. You can have them at your disposal wherever you want and whenever you want. We also give you the luxury of scheduling the order.

  • Meet and Greet

People arriving from other countries can also order our cabs. Battersea minicabs driver would be waiting for them right at the arrival terminal with their names on the playing card held high to spot them. If you're arriving anytime soon to the UK, please make sure you order our cab.

  • Corporate meetings and events

We specialize in providing Battersea cabs for you 24/7. Whether you're having someone for the meeting or you're going to your corporate location for a meeting, you can always call our cabs right from the convenience of your smartphone.

  • Day hire

If you wish to have a cab for yourself the whole day, then we're you're the one-stop destination for it. You can select any car from our fleet and have it for a whole day. The rates for day hire is hourly based and you'd have to minimally book the cab for 4 hours. Also, the cabs are only for central London in terms of the full day hire.

  • Airport transfer

We have a track record of transferring our customers from and to an airport in Battersea and other cities. We have a team that is dedicated only to measuring the flight times and all the arrivals and departures. Therefore, you'd have the peace of mind as our driver would take you through the roads without getting you late or anything.

  • London Tours

Your Battersea minicabs chauffeur will be waiting for you right outside your door after you've booked him. You'd have him for the rest of the day just the way you want him. The driver that you'd have would be trained and professional and he'd keep you safe throughout your journey.


How do Cross Cars charge?

We only charge what we deserve. The rates are fixed so you wouldn’t have to wrangle with the driver asking for a fair wage.

As for the payment methods go, we accept payments from cards as well as PayPal account. Our payment processing method is reliable and you shouldn’t worry about your privacy at all.

Ordering a Battersea Cab service 

Battersea cabs can be ordered through our app, web app, and website. we have a very simple design for our website and you'd only have to fill all the fields to have us guided well. There is a field for "Pick up Location" where you enter your origin, the "Drop Off Location" where you enter the destination, and "Journey Type" where you select whether it is a one way or return journey.

You can also add a "via point" just below the Journey Type. The via point means that you would be taken through the location that you enter. After entering all the relevant fields and the via point, all you'd have to do is hit the "Book Now" button for the payment page to load.

If you have any problems with the Battersea minicab booking, you can call us on 02086721122.

Cheap cabs drivers

Just as we said multiple times above, our Battersea minicabs have drivers that are trained and are professional. They have been in the business for far too long to understand the nitty-gritty of everything from providing you a safe journey to taking you through the highs and lows of Central London.

So, this was how we can serve you the best by being your Battersea cabs.

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