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Clapham Minicab


Why us?

Do you need Clapham minicab? Are you looking for a comfortable ride in the city? You can count on us – Cross Car.

We are the longest established taxi service in the region and we have served thousands of cab seekers like you. Through our course as cab providers, our main focus has also been on our customers. For this reason, we have established norms that have helped us outpace other players in the market.

We have an extensive fleet and we tailor your cab needs to our resources. No matter where you go, or from where you leave, we have got you covered and you can count on our premium services.

The main reason why we opened this business was to eliminate all the worries of the passengers of this city and give them an easy way to move around. There are bus stands, we agree, but we have provided them with a private means of transportation that they can enjoy.

Because of our approach, we have received many praises and are receiving them, as of now. There has been an increase in our profits because people are opting us rather than choosing other taxi services.

Online taxi services are there but what they lack is professionalism. They don’t have a direct contact with the rider and they only leave them at the disposal of the driver. However, we don’t do this. Although we have an online infrastructure, you can rely on our service because we first assess your needs and then choose the driver according to them.

Therefore, if you want to travel safely from and to a place, we can be your best pick.

Our network

We have an extensive network of drivers in the city and this is the reason we have every area covered. So, if you’re going to the National Gallery, Gordon’s Wine Bar, Trafalgar Square, Barrafina, English National Opera, the airport, hospital, or any other area, we can take you there.

Just by selecting your pickup and drop off locations from our website, you would have a driver reached to you dully, without any ado. We value your time and money and this is the reason we never delay the process at all.

Our drivers are alert 24/7 and whenever they are notified, they rush to the location of the passenger and pick them up. This is the power of our network: its fast, reliable, and friendly.

Our fleet

We have a versatile fleet of cars that can serve your purpose, no matter who you are and what your profession is.

Whether it is your executive meeting that you need to go to, or you’re just picking your kids, we’ve got the car for you. Our fleet comprises of the following cars:

  • Saloon car
  • Estate car
  • MPV6
  • MPV8
  • MPV7

These car types can take you from wherever you want to go. All you’d have to do is order what you need on our CrossCars Clapham minicab website.

You can also take luggage in the cars. There’s no restriction on that. However, there are some limitations that you need to know about before ordering the taxi. Please make sure you read them out before advancing further.

Our drivers

Our fleet is versatile and to match this versatility, we have hired equally versatile chauffeurs. They know their job because of their experience. Before inducting them into our company, we thoroughly check their abilities not only as drivers but also as good communicators, reliable companions of the journey, and navigators. Because we don’t want you to have a bad experience, we focus greatly on the way all of the hiring processes goes.

Once we hire drivers, we give them training so that their skills are leveled up to the best of their abilities and to the requirements of the passengers like you. So, even if you’re going on an important meeting or to a hospital, they will not only get you to the destination safely and faster, but you wouldn’t have to tell them how to behave. This is the professionalism of our drivers and we’re proud of it.

Our prices

Unlike other taxi services that normally fleece their clients, we only charge the compensation that we deserve. Our commitment towards a better service allows us to make profits but not at the expense of your satisfaction with it. Just for a normal price, you can have yourself transported from a place to anywhere you wish to go.

If you’re keen to know how much we charge, please feel free to check out our rates by entering your location.

As for the payment methods, you can use your PayPal account or your normal bank account. All of our charges are visible and there’s nothing that we charge conspicuously. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it at all.

As we said in the start, we’re trying to make our taxi service one of the most reliable services you can find in Clapham, and for this purpose, we’re doing what we could. If we look at the way our business has excelled, we proudly find that it is because of this commitment that it has happened.

If you wish to see how we can serve you, please enter your pick-up location, your drop off location, you journey type, and wait for the taxi to come. It generally takes only minutes for our drivers to pick you up from your location and only a few minutes more to drop you off where you want to go.

We are versatile

Not just Clapham, all over the London, our services allow us to transport people from one place to another. We specialize in airport transfer, London tours, day hire, meet and greet, wedding services, seaport transfer, and corporate meetings and events. As said above, our chauffeurs have been equipped with the necessary skills to take you from and to these places.

If you want to travel the way you envisage, we are the ones that you should choose because we offer the best Clapham minicab.